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Medallion Theater Specifications


Total capacity is 224 people. The main floor accommodates 123 upholstered seats, which are stackable and can be stored in two adjacent closets, allowing for a variety of events, to include plays, concerts, dances, movies, lectures, exhibits, art socials, fundraisers, corporate training, workshops, weddings, potluck suppers, and showers.


The balcony holds 100 fixed, upholstered theater seats and a sound/lighting booth.


The main floor, balcony, lobby, backstage area and dressing rooms are all maple hardwood floors. The stage is MDF flooring, painted black.


The proscenium measures 25’ wide and is 23.5’ from the backstage wall, while the total stage width, including the wings, is 36’. There is also an apron that measures 25’ wide x 7’ deep. There is a handicap lift from the main floor to the stage. There are stairs from the backstage area up to the stage and there are stairs from the main floor up to the forestage on both the left and right. There is a main, deep red stage curtain at the proscenium and a black scrim curtain hung at mid-stage.

Please refer to the Stage Floor Plan.


There is a men’s and women’s dressing room, each with their own single restroom. The ladies’ dressing room has two counters with large wall mirrors, a full-length mirror, and seven seats for makeup, etc. There is also an open closet bar for wardrobe. The men’s dressing room has one counter

with a large wall mirror, a full-length mirror, three seats for makeup, etc. and a small open closet bar for wardrobe. The men’s dressing room also has a kitchen counter, sink, shelves and cupboards.


The lighting was based on the classical stage lighting system invented by

Stanley McCandless in the 30’s in which the floor area of the stage is divided into nine zones or squares with a pair of lights focused on each square and in which one light comes from stage right (gelled warm-straw) and one from stage left (gelled cool-cyan). Obviously, the three downstage areas by the main curtain and apron are completely lit by elipsoidals hanging on the ceiling pipe out in the auditorium.


As you move into the six upstage zones behind the curtain, there are some lights from the auditorium and some back stage lights (generally fresnels). The stage also has four cyc light units with three colored lights in each for lighting a backdrop. The light board is a Smartfade-TC and is capable of recording cues for an entire show. Please refer to the Lighting Plot Plan.

The House Lights do not dim and must be turned off manually in two places, on the first floor and up in the balcony.



 2-KLA (QSC) 1000 wats Power Subs, 4 KLA (QSC) Active Speaker, All Array hanging speakers. 2-K10 speakers (QSC) for the Upper Level. Two wireless microphones for general use   ( Shure 58 Beta and Complete Drum mic kit) are available for use with sound. A box in the front center of the stage floor has plug-ins for Eight-in Instrument or Vocals. There are five monitors on-site and eight in-ear monitor systems. 40-channel Digital Mixing Console with 32 Midas Preamps, 25 Mix Buses, 25 Midas Pro Motorized Faders, and over 50 Built-in Effects, compatible with Bluetooth MP3 players from your smartphone music or Laptop.



A small ticket booth with a Dutch door is at the entrance to the lobby.

There is a cash box available for use if needed. Medallion Opera House uses HappsNow, a third party ticketing sales service. There is an iPad available for ticket purchases at the door using cash or a credit card.


The lobby is twice as wide as it was prior to the renovation and is filled with

natural light.


A 9’ x 16’ screen is hung from the proscenium behind the main curtain’s valance and in front of the main curtain. It is raised and lowered by a wall switch. There is a Powerlite 1915P Projector installed on the theater ceiling, which is keystoned to the screen. Connections for laptops are located at the front center of the stage and in the sound booth.



There are ten white, plastic, folding tables available for use.


A small kitchen area is included in the men’s dressing room, however, there is no stove, so no cooking is allowed on site. Any food has to be brought in and kept warm, if needed, in Crock pots, buffet warmers or roasting pans.


The Town of Gorham will post events on the Medallion Opera House website, HappsNow ticketing website, the Medallion Opera House Facebook page, Instagram, and on the Town Hall calendar. Any other marketing is the responsibility of the event's coordinator.

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