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The Medallion's History

The Medallion Opera House has a rich history as the gathering place for entertainment in the center of Gorham, NH. With the most recent restoration it has been brought back to its glory and ready to house and entertain the next generations.



It all begins here.

Work first began on the Opera House in April of 1915. In June of that same year the first motion pictures were shown – James O’Neil in The Count of Monte Cristo and Mary Pickford in The Eagles Mate – the charge was ten cents for children and fifteen cents for adults! 


What's in a name?

In 2012, The Gorham Auditorium Committee suggested a name that recognized the historical aspects along with the 8-foot ceiling medallion, an architectural feature that captures your eye as soon as you enter the theater.

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Arts & Entertainment for all.

 The Medallion Opera House has featured many exciting events over the years including Recycled Percussion, The Gorham Players, The Heather Pierson Trio, Beatles for Sale, Peppino D’Augustino, and more.



The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the Medallion Opera House significantly. After more than eight years of fostering the community arts and music scene in Gorham, The Medallion shut down completely for 16 months. Recognizing the financial strain the pandemic inflicted on local businesses, no fundraising efforts were conducted for over a year.

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The Future is Bright

On July 16, 2021 The Medallion safely held its first in person live event since the 16 month closure.  A Bob Marley comedy show-featured two lively sold out shows with +400 attendees total.

All in attendance were notably joyful to gather and laugh together again.

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